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Tom Prasada-Rao: guestbook

Jory Luchsinger

March 30, 2014

Just saw your clinic at Melodee Music. Awsome, is all I can say. I'd like to get several of those alternate tunings from you if you have a chance. Many thanks.

A new fan....Jory


March 23, 2014

Heard you for the first time at the SFTT concert and you are amazing! i loved the songs you sang....so beautiful as is your voice. i can't wait to hear you live again. Please keep me on your email list so i can see you again in the future!

Joanne Pons

February 9, 2014

Thank you for sharing your music and voice, and also your magnificent website. I love listening to your songs, and even though I am hearing impaired from birth, it has never prevented me from listening to music, and yours is absolutely beautiful. Keep up the good work!


December 7, 2013

Just listened to your Christmas in the Ashram cd as I trimmed my Christmas tree...Bought it years ago when you came to UUCE in Erie, PA. Thought I would look you up to see what you are up to. Truly enjoy your music.

Chris Harle

November 18, 2013

Thank you for the song "I AM GRATEFUL"

Ivan Bawa

October 5, 2013

Following you like a young fan, even if I'm not...young, that is!

Verlyn Hemmen

August 30, 2013

awesome music at the Green Galaxy Garage! Thanks for it all...and I'm begging for you song - beautiful...as an MP3...thanks, Tom! Rock on!

Laura C. Douglas (Laurie's Grandmother)

May 24, 2013

Not sure I have enough room to send all that I wanted to send you. If you will e-mail me back, I will send them an attachment. I will never stop loving you poetry and I have been listing to it for over ten years. You are the best! Also, Laurie will be in town next week, was going to bring her to see you, but you will be in Kerrville. I also, have a few questions to ask you. Thanks for your time.

Susan Katz Clark

May 5, 2013

So happy to re-connect with you! The Focus concert was very special. I love Adagio and look forward to your next album.

John McLaughlin

April 4, 2013

Hi, Tom. Sorry we couldn't connect for a live radio interview on Roots & Wings - maybe next time around - John.

Marge Larson

January 23, 2013

Hi Tom! I'm the lady that does the announcements at Unity of Arlington. Iam looking forward to
hearing your beautiful music this
Sunday. We all love it every time
you are with us on Sunday morning.

Steve John

November 14, 2012

Hey, I'd buy a Breedlove, TPR edition.

Matthew Ryan

November 13, 2012

When is your new album coming out with Chuck Rainey & Julie Bonk?
I absolutely was floored bt the Odetta moment.I now see how Tom was able to write Walk with Me with such detail & insight.

beth knickerbocker pettit

November 5, 2012

Tommy!! Just dug up my copy of "Lord of All" last week - my husband digitized it and now...I can hear the Left 52nd Street Choir and all the other songs - including my trio with myself! How young, starry-eyed, and innocent we all were...thirty years ago. Happy memories...bittersweet memories...

ed santos

September 20, 2012

.. .. .. peace be with you!
welcome to TYLER, east TX!
thank you for your time and talent!
see/hear you tonight!


August 11, 2012

I remember where I was when I heard your CD for the first time--16 years ago. I copied my friends Cd then and enjoyed it so much. I lost it during many moves, and forgot your name. I found your CD again today--and love it just as much as I did then. Beautiful!! Love your music, it touched me. God Bless!


August 5, 2012

Remember me???? I always need a hug from your soul.

Erika & Patrick from Holland

July 18, 2012

Thank you and Cary for a beautiful evening at the Bluebird cafe. We don't live in the city of Utrecht :) but close enough, about 20 minutes away. You are always welcome! Erika & Patrick.

Kitty Murrell

June 15, 2012

Thinking of you and our wonderful time at SSW -
Thanks for coming and sharing yourself with us - hope you will be back soon!
xoxo kitty
you helped me write my second song but first performance ( :

kelly kleist

June 11, 2012

I saw you at a house concert in Palo Alto and want you to know that you have brought the magic back to music. Sounds cliche, but you touched my soul in ways I haven't been touched since I was a musician back in college. Thank you for gently pushing me back in that direction.

Cindy Bottomley

June 7, 2012

Enjoy your work so much. Met you a number of years ago at a FAR-West event and saw a couple of you tube videos where you filled in for Lawrence with BWG. Love all of you!!Maybe you'll come visit us in Vegas some time at GarageMaHall!

John Heckler

June 6, 2012

Tom, I discovered you a few months ago, and through you I have discovered a whole new world of music. I am a guitarist and sometimes play with your music as I'm listening to it. It inspires me to create new melodies and songs. It is refreshing to know that real music and real musicians still exist.

Carrie Garms

April 15, 2012

Saw you at the Old Firehouse in Edom, TX last night! REALLY enjoyed the show...all of the good things I had heard about you were true! Inspiring! Thank you...

Michael Angel Escalante

April 11, 2012

Thanks you oh wise Ram....

Frank Varela

March 20, 2012

Saw you on TroubadorTX. Hope to catch you live in Austin sometime soon.

Frank Varela

March 20, 2012

Saw you on TroubadorTX. Hope to catch you live in Austin sometime soon.

Dan Eggleston

February 3, 2012

can't find your albums on itunes. a possibility?


January 30, 2012



December 20, 2011

I saw you, Tom, at a house concert in Brenham, TX in 2000 or so and bought Christmas in the Ashram. It's one of my absolute favorite albums. Your sweet baritone voice and effortless mastery of the guitar have inspired me for a decade! Ever come to Minnesota? I'd love to help you set up some concerts with my connections in the Twin Cities so that I'd get a chance to see you live again! Thanks for sharing your gift and offering inspiration!

judy burns

November 19, 2011

Saw you at Rice Festival in Fischer. Enjoyed your music so much (appreciated that you were helping another group out). The song that you sang about Martha-did you write it, what is it called, and how can I get it? Loved it.

Tim and Nola Brady

August 28, 2011

First rate sight for a first rate artist.

sunu charles

August 24, 2011

hi tom,
i'm from bangalore, and i first heard you on the kerrville album my wife picked up for me from a trip to houston. subsequently, i've got two of your albums and one of the dreamsicles. you wouldn't believe how many people here have gone crazy about your music! love your sarcasm

Paula Mock

August 18, 2011

I was looking for the song you wrote about Mammaw. Was it A Star In Her Crown? Can you send me a link so I can listen to it? It's been a while! Thanks! Love & Miss U

Dan Pinkston

August 12, 2011

We first saw you in about 1994 at the Virginia Wine Festival...got your then-current album and have been listening since. I'm always glad when one of your songs turns up on the iPod shuffle!

Elva Jones-Hahn

July 1, 2011

Call me 720-935-3656. Come do a House Concert!!! Loved seeing you....

Molli McMills

May 19, 2011

Went to see you and Carrie at Millbend Coffee House in the WOodlands. Bought 4 CD's and found the check in my checkbook this morning! I am so sorry I did not give it to anybody! If you will send me your address, I will mail it. My home email is molliholdford@aol.com Please use that email to add me to your email list as I am a teacher and they frown on us doing personal things at school. However, I do need you to send me the address to this email. Thanks!-

barry markaverich

May 15, 2011

Hi Tom,
Jo-Ann and I totally enjoyed your performance Saturday evening in The Woodlands and I love all of the songs on your CD that we purchased. Are the guitar chords to "See Myself in You' available anywhere. I love the song. Thanks again for being so congenial and the great performance.


Vicky Williams

May 10, 2011

Hi Tom,
Since I saw you at Randy's in Waxahachie, I've listened to more and more of your music. Not just that, but your name keeps showing up in so many other places, that I'm a little embarrassed that I wasn't as aware then as I am now at your songwriting career. BTW, I love your music.


May 7, 2011

Tom, thanks for the recommend of "Crossing to Safety." I just finished it this morning. What a beautiful story of friendship!
Saw Cockburn in concert last month and he encored with "All the Diamonds." I just had to sing along. Would love to hear a version from you.
Looking forward to seeing/hearing you at the Wild Goose festival - we'll be travelling 13 hours down from Canada.

gary whitford

May 1, 2011

Greetings and admiration.

Rick Henderson

February 14, 2011

Tom: we met at Celebration Circle in San Antonio; enjoyed your music and would like to stay in touch. Send me your email and a ph number. I can do session work on sarode as well as creative keyboards. Namaskar, Rick


February 12, 2011

Hi ya Tom...
I poked around your site listening to some beautiful music and found some new treasures :-) Thanks!

Gary Carl Fackenthall

February 4, 2011

You need to move back to MD

Notebook Gerdi

January 30, 2011

Und dies schreib ich jetzt,
damit es auch andere lesen:
Schön wars hier gewesen!!!

In diesem Sinne viele Grüße
aus München


Eileen Simeonov

January 28, 2011

Hey, so glad to see you on-line and promoting your music. I was a fan years ago when you played out in Kerville with the 3 Sherpas (you still with them?)

Rachel Kudrick

December 13, 2010

I'm trying to find a copy of Christmas in the Ashram, but everyone is out of stock. Any ideas? Thanks!

Johannah Dottori

December 10, 2010

Hey - We are playing your Christmas in the Ashram CD over and over - we just opened a meditation/yoga studio in Charlottesville, VA ... any chance you would be in the area - we would love to host you here!

Doni Langlois

November 1, 2010

Thanks for constantly reminding me -

Nancy in Denver

October 31, 2010

Enjoyed seeing you and Cary a few years ago in Salt Lake at a house concert. Just now ended up at your website (which is fantastic, by the way - I love listening to your music without interruption as I click through your web pages and write this comment) from a link on Cary's recent email distribution. I will keep my eyes open for you two coming to Denver someday.

Terri Earnest

October 19, 2010

Hi Tom, I live in Shreveport Louisiana and began having house concerts last year. I was fortunate to have had Johnsmith, Tom Kimmel, and Melissa Greener play here. When I asked both John and Tom who they may suggest I try to contact for our next event your name came up. I loved their suggestion because i love your music. If you are ever in the area or would be interested please let me know. I look forward to hearing from you. Terri Earnest


September 23, 2010

Years ago I was given a copy of one of your CD's I'm still loading it it to play.

Mark Otterson

September 10, 2010

Great site Tom, I can sit for hours listening to your music.

Jerry Earwood

August 29, 2010

Would y'all be interested in
play at DISH , Texas (Denton County) on the first weekend in October. NAMASTE__Jerry E.


August 20, 2010

Saw you at a coffee house concert years ago in the Philly area. Have loved your music ever since. Have all your CDs, but loaned out Christmas in the Ashram and never got it back. How can I buy another? Can't wait for your new release! Been waiting a long time...you have a true gift.

So sorry for the loss of your grandfather.

Michael Croes

July 23, 2010

Tom, They call me "TANTO" on the RANCH and I have been a KerrVet for years. I was on the Recording Crew this year as the Quality Control Man, including your performance this year at KFF. I gotta tell you man, your live CD is the only one in my 6 slot player in my car that I have played and enjoyed over and over again.. It's a Benz, and on its 18 speaker BOSE system, your album sounds like heaven. I approved the sound of the CD, and I hope it sounds good to you. You are awesome, my favorite performer at Kerrville and I hope to see you again backstage next year.

Mike Croes, aka "TANTO"

Walter Lawson

July 17, 2010


Several years ago, i order your cd's for my brother, Francis Chen. Your brother Dan and i work together when i was NAVAIR Deputy Inspector General. since then i have moved on and i thought i would send you an email and see if you would respond. i have heard your music and enjoyed them much. i would like to purchase more. my cell is 713-269-4944. peace be with you. walter

Belinda in Tyler

July 13, 2010

Hi Tom,
Looking and reading your site today was a real joy.
I read that you played with Michael Hedges at some point in your touring. He remains one of my favorite artists and I saw him three times before he moved on from this life. Any stories to tell?

Volker Lange

May 6, 2010

ich kam durch Zufall auf diese Seite und möchte einen netten Gruß
hinterlassen ;) Ich würde mich freuen, wenn ihr auf meiner Homepage auch einmal vorbei schauen würdet! Vielleicht wollt ihr einmal auf Sylt/ Westerland oder an der Ostsee Urlaub machen?! Wir haben dort sehr schöne Meerblickwohnungen. Vielleicht bis bald einmal!
Herzliche Grüße
Volker Lange

Andrea & David Cate

May 6, 2010

Saw you open for Richie Havens in NYC 7 years ago. Still listen to the CD we bought that night - Hear You Laughing. Now live in DC area and would love if you come & play for us here !!! Hope you are doing well -- sorry to hear of your loss.

Suzy Bangs

March 8, 2010

I'm good friends with Sue Demel, Deb Lader, and Bruce Roper and have seen you and Cary perform several times in Chicago. I recently moved back to the Dallas area (I'm actually in Rockwall) and would love to catch any upcoming performances you might have in this area.
I sure miss the live acoustic music scene in Chicago, so maybe you can recommend some places here I might check out? I've been to Sons of Hermann Hall, and Poor David's Pub.
Hope to meet up with you soon.

Suzy Bangs


March 4, 2010


Becky Hughes Schmidt

March 4, 2010

Great stuff here...:)

Avis Daniels

December 5, 2009

My wife and I really enjoyed the concert you and Cary performed in Charleston, WV on Nov 7. We enjoy the CD's and wondered where we could purchase more. One song really cracked me up, the lullabye one. I would love to get a copy of it.
Best wishes to you and your family.

kit samford

November 9, 2009

Hi! I am good friends (and former sister in law) of Mae Robertson and I am looking forward to your visit on December 4th! I love your music!!!

Patricia Ansley

September 6, 2009

There is an ethereal fealing that flows throughout my soul when I listen to your words. Then, there is that magic when you sing, made greater only when Cary sings with you as well as the lovely Hannah and Caroline. My life has truly been made richer by having your musical spirit in it. Thanks.

See you guys in November!

Kim Schlossberg

August 22, 2009

Tom - this site is just gorgeous! The look, the content, the music, all tell the same wonderful story. Congratulations!

Stephen Taylor

August 21, 2009

this is a beautiful site. Nice work, my friend.

Susan Corbin Blume

August 21, 2009

I cannot tear myself away from my computer, listening to your beautiful music. I accidentally superimposed Cary's song over yours and it took me until one of the song's was over to realize that you weren't singing in harmony - you blend that well!!!!!! I hope you will come to San Diego area sometime.

Dhruv Gandhi

August 21, 2009

You are best.. All te best wishes for your future..


August 21, 2009

Really nice website! I love that you have so many complete songs on here, not just short clips. Love that picture of you on the main page. Looking forward to hearing more of your music, old and new.

fiona .

August 21, 2009

I've just spent the last hour visiting here- enjoying the new site and fascinated with the songwriting section.


August 21, 2009

I love your new website. I am so sorry about your grandfather's untimely passing. I thought about him often when I needed the inspiration to go for a walk. I remember the love and pride in your voice when you spoke of him.
Keep fighting the good fight.

Cindy Fisher Rose

August 10, 2009

Tom, have you heard or heard of John Doan of Salem, OR who plays the harp guitar? Unbelievable presentation of music while speaking to history. I was captured by the harp guitar.

Cindy Fisher Rose

August 10, 2009

Just bathing in the "I Begin to See Your Face"...and your clarity of style while having a rich and versatile set of songs. Yummy!!


August 7, 2009

like it mister.