Welcome to my news page (such as it is). If you have time, I'd love to share a poem with you: I Have News For You. - Tony Hoagland
And now I hope you're sitting down. It is with careful consideration that Cary and I have announced our separation and plans for divorce. We plan to remain friends and support each other as we navigate the world apart. Namaste - TPR

April news in progress 

I'll be sending out a newsletter in a few hours - I'm getting ready to play a coupla gigs with Butch Morgan further south in Texas, just wanted you to know that a new calendar will be up soon, wih tour dates in TX, MN, CA, plus some teaching gigs at Texas Tech, Summer Songs West, and Kerrville's Song School. Hard at work finishing up CDs with Rudi Harst, Brother Chising, and adding tracks for Judi Sawyers new album!

Telesummit this weekend 

If you've ever heard "Art of the Song - Creativity Radio" on your public radio station, then you'll know how cool this is: Have a conversation with Gretchen Peters, Mary Gauthier, Michael Shorr, and others including myself on various aspects of songwriting/recording. This weekend http://www.telesummits.com/songwriters

Johnsmith hits #1 on the charts! 

I just got off the phone with Johnsmith - Gravity of Grace (his new album which he recorded with me) went to #2 on the Folk DJ charts for the month of July, and to top that he had the #1 song for Ring That Bell a great track off the album in which we used Darryl Scott for lead guitar and harmonies, and Ray Bonneville on harp. I'm so happy for John - woohoo!

Emily Dunbars' Album Release 

Emily Dunbar just released her debut album recorded at The Wildwood Tofu Bar. It's called Catch It When You Can Check it out, look for an amazing song called John Cusak. Go Emily!

a secret 

It's been a year exactly since I had my last cigarette. It was midnight with a couple friends on Chapel Hill in Kerrville, when I made my commitment to stop. I'm sure it comes as a surprise to some that I ever smoked. I'm not going to be one of those who preaches. My experience is you need a reason to quit. I finally found mine. Namaste'

TR Ritchie's Wild Horses 

If you've never heard TR Ritchie do yourself a favor. Check out Wild Horses recorded by TR in Utah, then mixed by TPR at the Wildwood Tofu Bar. These songs are magnificent!

Rave Review for Cary's New Album 

Click The Performing Songwriter for a rave review of Cary's new album called Dirty Little Secret. I'm so proud of this album, and I second the review - it's a masterpiece! Scroll down further to read the review of Sweet Talk Radio's brilliant new CD by our dear friends Tim Burlingame and Kathrin Shorr. Tim did quite a number of parts for Dirty Little Secret, and I was able to return the favor by playing strings on Rain Cloud.