1. Invisible Ink

From the recording Invisible Ink

I never give out an assignment that I don't do as well. This song came out of an exercise I routinely give to my classes: Find an object, start with "I Am" ...


I am the hummingbird who hoverd around you
ten seconds ago when you blinked
the lightning that crept to the edge of your eyes
which you closed like invisible ink
the splendid disaster just waiting to happen
while you sat your ass in your seat
I am the wings that flutter away
when you're afraid to be me

I am the water that could've been wine
on the tip of your tongue
I am the sentence you wish you'd have said
when the conversation was done
I am the hack who is sits in the back
not afraid of singing off key
the brilliant mistake that evaporates
when you're afraid to be me

I am the kind of pain you can't explain
you just know how it feels when you feel it
I'm made of you, you know it's true
you're just too close to see it

if wishes were nickels you dropped in the ocean
then I'd be Pacific blue
and you wouldn't be red as color of dread
but the color of sunsets in bloom
Oh paint me a picture of all you would kiss for
to dare the devil to sleep
it's not about faith just biting the bait
when you're afraid to be me

I am the kind of fear that re appears
when you don't really know that you need it
I'm made of you, I'm overdue
I'm here when you want to believe it

hearts of fire, loves desire, higher, yeah

I am the hummingbird, who hovers around you
as if you were the missing link
the one open door you've been waiting for
that you close like invisible ink

we come together on this special day
sing a message loud and clear

TPR / July 19, 06 / At the Downtown Mall in Charlottesville