1. Last One Gone

From the recording Last One Gone

We wrote this at David's house in Columbia MD back when he was living there. I think it's on David's album Into The Mystery


TPR and David Wilcox

when my grandfather spoke about the eagle
he would raise his face up to the sky
there was sunlight reflecting on the water
and she flew so close as she passed by

but it’s just an old man’s story
one that I have never seen

rich men talk about tomorrow
big change ringing in their ears
a sound somewhere in the silence
a prayer that they will never hear

the clatter of the dozers
and the smoke of the machines
the edge is getting closer all the time
the edge is getting closer all the time

light – lightly on the wind
far – from where she’d always been
I say – as if I could have known
leaving her home
flying alone
that was the last one gone
the last one gone

now it’s gone
it’s just an old man’s story
gone, gone gone gone
now it’s gone
gone in all it’s glory
gone, gone gone gone

march 2001, Columbia, MD