From the recording Love Knows We Tried

Nancy Moran (1/4 of the Bitchin Babes) is one of my dearest friends. This is my favorite song of the songs we've written. We're still waiting for Brian McKnight and Vanessa Williams to record it. Beuller, Beuller, anyone? ...


Love Knows We Tried

(tpr and nancy moran)

Nobody knows me
Like you
Nobody needs me
Like I need you to
The more that you love me
The less it feels right
But oh, love knows we tried

Nobody made us
Give in
Nobody saved us
From falling again
Somehow it happened
And No one knows why
But oh, love knows we tried

I swear that I’d live my life over
And over and over again
If we could believe in each other
And if love was enough in the end

Nobody told me to go
Nobody has to when you already know
Everyone leaves something behind
But oh, love knows we tried, we tried
Oh, love knows we tried