1. margaret

From the recording margaret

The first Christmas that Cary and I spent together, I was broke. This was my present.



when i am old
i will wear plaid
i just won’t know
unlike my dad
but i wouldn’t care
i’d make you that bet
whatever i wear

when i am old
i’ll sing off key
by then it won’t matter
that much to me
the dog in the window
the lady in red
how did that song go?

katherine hepburn
henry fonda
ripples on a
golden pond
a pocketful
of falling stars
skinny dipping
finger licking

i will say grace
pass the gravy
on christmas day
when you are eighty
when i will be older
so if i forget
tell me i told you

let us go to the banks of the ocean
where the walls rise above the zider zee
long ago i used to be a young man
and dear margaret remembers that for me

TPR – 12/24/03 – at the pad

with a quote from The Dutchman by Michael Smith