From the recording The Godfather of Soul

I wrote a lot of songs during this period about losing my first marriage, this one of the few that I've let escape from the vault. I just noticed, written on my birthday ...



I’m gonna tell the godfather of soul
not to come round here no more
to hang up his hats
and pack up his spats
and send out his cape to the cleaners
cause there’s nothing between us
no glitter no gold

somebody kindly send my regards
to my main man Kierkegard
that stuff really works
the truth really hurts
it kind of explains our existence
was there any difference
between glitter and gold

I always said that Mr Ed
should’ve whacked ole Wilbur in the head?
for making believe it wasn’t real
for trying to act right in a world all wrong
baby how in the world did we last so long?

if there’s one thing James Brown knows for sure
it’s how to leave ‘em wanting more
so put those tired old rags
in those brand new bags
leaving isn’t a mystery
when all you’re leaving’s the history
of glitter and gold

tpr – 4/11/02 – dallas